The verified ISUC is
an electronic system

Relying on the core system of International Standardized Est. ISE (UK) which is ISCN, the ISUC is a direct derivation from ISCN & Estid systems, except ISUC is specified for research and educational institution globally, which implies a wide range of benefits for all parties of the academic process.

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    • The ISUC provides a set of benefits, as the following:

      1- Increasing reliability locally and internationally.

      2- Combating fraudulent certificates, fake competencies and manipulating documents, and facilitating their direct verification.

      3- Facilitating the task of providing educational services, especially remote education on a larger scale.

      4- Obtaining a brief and easy-to-read International ID.

      5- Protecting the documents issued by the university.

      6- Helping universities deal in accordance with the global trend towards automation and technology.

      7- Documentation of university employees and workers.

      8- Saving time, cost and effort for the university and those dealing with the university.

      9- Establishing a portal to verify the authenticity of documents, this will contribute to combating forgery.

      10- ISUC is the essential approach for coding the majors as well as the faculties in academic institutions all over the world, based on syllabus contents; regardless of the majors or faculties names, which will imply a great benefit for all academical process parties.

      11 - Joining the institutional contact center, which enables universities to communicate and correspond directly.

      12- Provide documented contact addresses for all universities and issue an electronic directory that is automatically updated on an ongoing basis.

      13- Making open data available by counting the number of graduates in various disciplines, analyzing it and linking it to the reality of need.

      14- Providing channels of communication between major companies and universities for the purpose of supplying the market with fresh graduates and feedback

      15- Get the evaluation portal for university performance and feedback easily.

      16 - Creating a network database for joint scientific research in a participatory manner to enhance the reality of scientific research globally.

      17- Establishing direct communication channels between all concerned parties (students, cultural attachés, educational institutions and ministries concerned with university documents in complete confidentiality, being time & cost efficient).

      18- Paving the way for cooperation amongst universities in terms of teaching methods , scientific research, and market needs.


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    System Mechanics are based on specific elements, but is also flexible. Best described in the following points:

    1- The system works according to a clear mechanism where it puts into consideration that it deals within a unified international criteria.

    2- The system provides a unique ID for each higher educational institution ,scientific research institutions and scientific journal.

    3- ISUC carries out METADATA for institutions.

    4- The system guarantees the uniqueness of the code, eliminating repetition.

    5- After issuing the 3 parts, they get integrated all together to form the documented international identification for said Establishment.

    6- It gets attached to a certain QR that is easy to be read.

    7- The owner of the ISUC can adjust the profile at anytime and improve it in a dynamic & continuous manner, free of charge.


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    How To Book ISUC?


    In order to get ISUC, you have to do the first step. filling the application. This application is made to be easy and clear where there are some fields that are mandatory to be filled and you cannot skip. We encourage you to provide clear and correct information.


    The most important phase which relay on your application to verify the submitted data by our team.

    Build Account

    Our algorithm will process your data to generate your own ISUC after verification phase If you passed the verification phase you will receive a greeting email with your ISUC and account details.

    Benefits For ISUC

    1. We strive to make organizations around the globe more successful by providing intelligent certificates for smarter decisions and making sure the right person get the right job.
    2.  Help you get the best information to make the most educated decisions.
    3.  Helps you demystify the often uncertain experience of a background check for your candidates.
    4.  Stop you from any business fraud or personal fraud (Verify your suppliers).
    5. ISCN system is a kind of verification services for checking out the Business License, this service can stop the client from professional scammers before placing any orders for confirmation and verification in person.
    6. Check Establishment International ID service can assure the client that whether his supplier or buyer is a legitimate company or not because traditional staff normally obtain their registered information directly from local government authorities by contacting local officials or agents.
    7. Protect document or certificates from damage or loss.
    8. You can request your portal through the website to give each document or certificate an ISCN code and QR code.

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