ISUC Benefits

ISUC Benefits

    • The ISUC provides a set of benefits, as the following:

      1- Increasing reliability locally and internationally.

      2- Combating fraudulent certificates, fake competencies and manipulating documents, and facilitating their direct verification.

      3- Facilitating the task of providing educational services, especially remote education on a larger scale.

      4- Obtaining a brief and easy-to-read International ID.

      5- Protecting the documents issued by the university.

      6- Helping universities deal in accordance with the global trend towards automation and technology.

      7- Documentation of university employees and workers.

      8- Saving time, cost and effort for the university and those dealing with the university.

      9- Establishing a portal to verify the authenticity of documents, this will contribute to combating forgery.

      10- ISUC is the essential approach for coding the majors as well as the faculties in academic institutions all over the world, based on syllabus contents; regardless of the majors or faculties names, which will imply a great benefit for all academical process parties.

      11 - Joining the institutional contact center, which enables universities to communicate and correspond directly.

      12- Provide documented contact addresses for all universities and issue an electronic directory that is automatically updated on an ongoing basis.

      13- Making open data available by counting the number of graduates in various disciplines, analyzing it and linking it to the reality of need.

      14- Providing channels of communication between major companies and universities for the purpose of supplying the market with fresh graduates and feedback

      15- Get the evaluation portal for university performance and feedback easily.

      16 - Creating a network database for joint scientific research in a participatory manner to enhance the reality of scientific research globally.

      17- Establishing direct communication channels between all concerned parties (students, cultural attachés, educational institutions and ministries concerned with university documents in complete confidentiality, being time & cost efficient).

      18- Paving the way for cooperation amongst universities in terms of teaching methods , scientific research, and market needs.